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Cinco de Januario

Published January 5, 2010 by livinggraciously

No deep insights today, just a catalog of activities. I:

  • Got up at 5:00 a.m. to take Ferrett to the airport
  • Did my grocery shopping at 6:00 a.m. in a store almost devoid of customers
  • Put away the groceries, mopped the kitchen floor
  • Stood around amazed at how much I had accomplished by 7:00 a.m.
  • Stared uselessly at my computer for almost an hour before giving up and taking a nap.

This “early to rise” business once again is impressive as all get out, but without the “early to bed” accompaniment?  A beast to sustain.  I slept for a while and woke up feeling guilty and defeated.  But wait! thought I.  The day is not half done!  I can still get lots accomplished.  So after that I:

  • Worked out
  • Read
  • Worked 5 hours
  • Practiced dropping balls in quick succession
  • Quilted
  • Cooked dinner
  • Wrote in this journal

Mostly, I avoided the self-defeatist attitude that once the day is bumped off-track it’s unrecoverable. That’s that OCD thing I am trying to overcome.  And today I did it.

And wow am I tired.


Step One

Published January 2, 2010 by livinggraciously

I have acquired a book on juggling and worked on the first two lessons.

Yes, I am really serious about that part.

Happy New Year

Published January 1, 2010 by livinggraciously

It would be a bit ironic if I didn’t manage to write a post today, the first actual day of this experiment.  Fortunately I have enough energy to say at least a few words.

Last night’s New Year’s Eve party was quite successful.  As in, we went to bed at 7am.  Stunningly, I don’t have a lot of energy today.  There’s not going to be any house organizing or even cleaning up the kitchen.

Thanks to my new take on the world, this is not starting out the new year already a failure.  How many years have I gotten to the end of January 1 feeling like I’d already abandoned my best-laid plans.  This year my best laid plans start with mellowing out for this weekend.  How cool is that?

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