Piecing together the puzzle

Published August 4, 2011 by livinggraciously

We’ve happily redecorated our living room:

And we giddy with our remodeled kitchen:

But the dining room remains a problem:

Here’s the issue: we now have a breakfast bar hanging about 12 inches into what is a very small dining area to begin with. Now, we are the type who mostly eat in the living room [hangs head in shame], so the dining room table has tended to live against the wall, serving buffet duty when we have parties or movie days.  But there are times when we do want to sit down at table with friends and have a meal. And when people come to play cards, well, a table is a necessity.

The table we have is really nice, a ceramic-topped table that we bought just for the space. We both really love the table, but it has no flexibility, so trying to set it up in the remaining space? Leads to something like this:

Once people are sitting at the table, there’s no room to maneuver past it. And the person in the corner is completely trapped. The table doesn’t even clear the bar fridge.

Now, if it weren’t for the bar fridge, this situation would just barely work. But the new cabinetry leaves no place for a liquor cabinet. And the bar fridge is not only necessary, it’s Ferrett’s Uncle Tommy’s, so it definitely stays. When it was just the beer fridge, we stowed it in the guest room. It was a little awkward then, and needing to make it the bar just made the whole situation untenable.

What we need regularly is buffet space capacity–I don’t want to make that the breakfast bar because it would interfere with the flow of party traffic. What we need sporadically is dining/card space for 4, maybe 6. And we need to keep the bar fridge somewhere in the living space. I’m willing to part with the table in order to switch it out for something else, but it has to be for a good solution. Also, Ferrett hates round tables, so that won’t work.

Any ideas?


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