New Year’s Resolutions: Dreadful Things!

Published December 30, 2011 by livinggraciously

It’s that time of year when everyone gets ready to start a fresh new year by setting themselves up for failure: “I’m not going to eat sweets” or “I’m going to work out for two hours every single day” or “I’m not going to watch TV anymore.” Or “I’m going to keep my house spotless every single day!”

If you are like most New Year’s resolvers, you will violate your resolution within a week – quite possibly on New Year’s Day itself. And then a little voice in the back of your head will be saying, “You were a loser from the very beginning of 2012.” And at the end of 2012, when people are looking back and asking if anyone kept their resolutions, that little voice will be saying, “No, you were a loser!”

And we wonder why we don’t feel good about ourselves.

Two years ago I decided I was done with subtractive resolutions, the kind of things that are all about sacrifice. Instead, I decided that I would make New Year’s Goals, positive, definitive actions that, when accomplished, I could point at and say, “yup, I did that!” My first goal was to learn to juggle, and by the end of the year, I had learned to juggle three balls. I was ecstatic. Last year I resolved to learn to bake sourdough bread, and we have lovely bread all the time now.

Making a goal of something you want to learn is so much more positive than a resolution of self-prohibition that you have to police all year. It’s happy-making!

My goal this year is to participate in Ohio’s Pedal to the Point bike ride to benefit MS research. There is definitely a huge fitness component in getting ready for that ride, but it has a definitive goal, and as we are friends with people who are heavily invoved, a big fun component as well.

What’s your goal for the coming year?


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