BBA Challenge #10: Cornbread

Published May 24, 2012 by livinggraciously

This is the only bread in the book that isn’t yeast-based, and I was looking forward to it because it involved bacon. It was a very different recipe from most cornbreads that I’ve had because it included actual corn kernels.’

It was also a huge disappointment. So huge that it honestly sort of threw me out of the BBA challenge mood. I baked this bread in February, and haven’t tackled another bread since.

Now, I can’t blame that entirely on the cornbread. I did get very sick in February, and then I started biking like a madwoman at the end of the month. But I’m not excited about the next bread in the book, which is another sweet fruit bread. So I’ve let the project lapse, with the excuse that I hadn’t written up the cornbread yet. Maybe getting this out of my system will get me going again.

So, what was wrong with the cornbread? It was too sweet for the savoriness of the bacon on top, and I would have used half the kernel corn that they recommended. It just didn’t tickle our fancies.

It’s not even worth a picture. But with that out of my system, maybe I’ll get back to baking.


2 comments on “BBA Challenge #10: Cornbread

  • You have to get past the corn bread, I agree it was odd. Too many sweeteners. But soon you can be at english muffins and italian bread! I am glad that I cooked my way through the book, but some of them I will never make again.

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