So what’s this all about?

A year and a half ago I began this blog with too much ambition and and not enough focus. The idea was writing though a year of revising and changing my home. The writing didn’t happen, but the changes did: we redecorated the living space and remodeled the kitchen. Proving that the life unexamined still moves forward.

So why am I starting up again? Credit it to Julia Child.

After all, doesn’t it all start with the patron saint of modern cooking?

During the lonely late night vigil of prepping for a colonoscopy (bear with me), I turned on an episode of “The French Chef,” which is currently rerunning on The Cooking Channel. Julia was taking on Chicken Marengo, wielding a saber to cut up a chicken while telling the Napoleonic history of the dish. After that bit of flair, she headed over to the studio kitchen. After dicing onions and slicing mushrooms, Julia shifted to the stovetop.

There it was, the simplest of electric coil stovetops. No Viking, Wolf, or Hobart label. No stretches of gleaming stainless steel or cool granite countertops.  Instead, she was working in a 70s style kitchen that looked like the Brady Bunch could come storming in through the door.

Over my shoulder looms my new kitchen, where stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops do dominate. It’s not a large kitchen, but it is warm and inviting. And it’s the heart of a home where friends gather. So why shouldn’t I be filling that kitchen with delicious food?

The truth is, I’m not a great cook. I’m a reasonably competent cook of basic food, but I don’t have that deft hand that turns out gourmet meals and true culinary treasures. When company is coming, I’m more likely to order pizza or take out Chinese than cook. I’d like to change that. I want to develop my imagination and my repertoire, and to record the journey. It’s a journey that will include cooking, entertaining, beekeeping, quilting, and the journey of life.

I’ve got this kitchen now, and my lovely little house, and I want to embrace life and living. If you want to come along for the journey, you’re welcome to join me.


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